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Leopard Print Parka

Yesterday I bought a leopard print parka. Believe me when I say it’s amazing.  Danny on the other hand isn’t so sure. He said, “I don’t know what disturbs me more. The fact that you’re buying parkas when it’s 103 degrees out. Or that you’re at the mall before noon on a Tuesday.”  (I’m not saying his concerns aren’t valid. I’m just saying the coat is amazing. Do you see the difference?)
Also, this coat doubles as a dog disciplinarian which they didn’t even mention at the store! I noticed as soon as I got home that Booker was deathly afraid of the coat. He must think it’s a lion or something. (Though a "leopard" probably makes more sense. Being leopard print and all?) Regardless, Booker is deathly afraid of leopards and/or lions because anytime I pull out the coat, he cowers in fear.  (Or maybe its admiration? His cowering could stem from admiration!)
The only problem with this parka is that I can’t wait until winter to wear it. I’m too excited and it’s too fabulous! That’s why I’m planning a weekend full of cold temperature activities that lend themselves to the coat. Like ice skating at The Galleria and shopping at CostCo. (Frozen foods section only.)
The conversation that ensued while walking outside to take these photos;
Danny: You know our neighbors could be out there, right?
Me: What's that supposed to mean?
Danny: I'm just saying.

My homegirls Alexa, Kate, Jess, and Mandy know what I'm talking about.


  1. A leopard-print parka and Daisy Dukes. In the middle of summer. In Houston.

    One thing's for certain: in that outfit, Danny should have no problem picking you out of a crowd!


  2. Did you remove the jacket's hood? Parkas are hooded. It would look cool if you put it back on, pulled it onto your head and added sunglasses. Would look very runway'ish.


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