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The Dougherty Gang

"The Dougherty Gang"

"The Halpin Gang"

I'm incredibly sad the Dougherty siblings/bank robbery case is over. I loved this story! I don’t know why. I guess I loved the sibling camaraderie aspect.  I’d love to do something similar with my brother, though we’re pretty different. Starting with the fact that I’d never be able to convince him to rob a bank with me. He’s pretty conservative when it comes to stuff like that.
My brother and I don’t have tons in common. His favorite tv show is Charlie Rose and the last time I saw him he was reading a book titled, The History of Interest Rates. The only time I’ve ever watched Charlie Rose was when he had Jay-Z on as his guest. And as far as interest rates go.... remind me what those are again?
If my brother and I were to rob a bank, he’d want to get all analytical on it. Come up with a business plan. Get some angel investors involved. Check the DOW. File for an LLC.
Me, on the other hand? I’d just watch Oceans 12 and get all pumped up. Maybe listen to some Jock Jams – that always used to get me jacked during high school basketball. Then I’d be ready to roll! I’d walk in that bank and make it rain! Get mine while there’s something to be got!
Probably won’t happen though. My brother would never go for it.


  1. I'm sad to see it end. And it wasn't even a cool ending, just tires burst then it's over. Sure one of them ran, but all of them should of ran

  2. I was kinda hoping for more of Thelma and Louise ending... LOL!

  3. My siblings wouldn't ever "do a bank job" with me either. They suck outloud! My brother's more of a BTK kind of criminal and my sister has already robbed a bank if you concider writing $5 hot checks to Taylor's for cigs robbing a bank. Maybe I'd be better off doing it alone anyway.


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