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Counter Burger

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was good and culminated Sunday night at a restaurant called Counter Burger. It wasn’t until I sat down and perused the menu I realized this was one of those joints where you have to “create your own” burger.
This is the spreadsheet you use to make your hambuger.
I felt like I was doing my taxes....Which is probably 
telling that I've never done my taxes before.

I hate these places. I always “create” the grossest shit. I go overboard - including all my fave ingredients , regardless if they go together or not.  In college my friends were obsessed with Flat Top Grill – a "make your own" stir fry joint. I barely made it through that craze alive. (Literally. There was a particular dish I "created" that incorporated raw egg.  Salmonella is a real thing.)
I decided, before my burger even came out, I was going to have to get Danny to switch with me. Which is why I said "Mmm - so good" upon taking my first bite, as opposed to throwing up in my mouth like I wanted to.

Me: You want a bite of mine baby, it's super good!
Danny: No. I'm good.

Me: You sure? It's delicious!!! The cheddar cheese compliments the dried cranberries in a way you wouldn't expect.
Danny: I'm fine, thanks though.
Me: You- interrupted
Danny: Megan, I can smell that thing from over here. We both know its fucking disgusting. We can get ice cream on the way home, k baby?

And that's what we did. Dairy Queen baby!!! Not one of those fancy yogurt places where you have to make your own sundae. F@ck those places!


  1. It does sound amazing! I can see how you were tricked!

  2. You think like I do when it comes to making roll-your-own. With about the same results, I might add. It takes a lot of willpower to KISS...

  3. Where is there a dairy queen in the loop?! I must know.


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