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City Living

My parents live downtown in Milwaukee. Their urban lifestyle and high rise building is all very nice, but it takes some getting used to. Take the elevator for example. It's can be more complicated than you think. Yesterday, I waited for at least or a minute or two before I got pissed and started timing on my watch, to see exactly how long this damn elevator was going to take. After an additional three minutes of timing it with my watch, and still no elevator, I stormed back into my parent's condo.

I yelled a lot, not necessarily anything coherent, but focused more on loudness and anger.

My dad came back out to help me. After only seconds, we figured out, together, that I did not push the button -  a crucial part of the elevator process.

So I'll do that from now on- especially the times that I'm in a hurry. That's how city folk do it.


  1. You are such a goof! We are all so excited to see you this week! Love ya!

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