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Megan Goes to the Chicago Bears Tailgate Party

I'm not postive, but the Midwestern visit I'm on seems sorta like a "bender". So many friends, so many family, so many drinks, so little water. Good thing I'm a baller.

Which leads me to yesterday morning. Sunday. The Lord's Day. Lots of families go to church on Sunday mornings. And I hope those families pray for mine. Because what we were drinking wasn't holy wine.

Here's my family. What a bunch of alcoholics.

Today's story is going to be told in pictures. Much like a children's book. The title is "Megan goes to the Chicago Bears Tailgate Party."  And while this is in a children's book format, this story is not suitable for children. Just want to make that clear.


Soldier Field Chicago, Illinois


                                                                      Da Bears!


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  1. Waaait a second. As a Chicagoan-turned-Arkansan-turned-Chicagoan-turned-St. Louisan/old married lady who can totally relate to your transplanting sagas/missing Chicago, this post makes me eternally happy. Go Bearsssss.


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