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Greetings from Paris!!!!

Kevin - you're what the French call "les incompetents"
-Home Alone

Bon Jour People! Danny and I did a little road tripping over the weekend. Houston, TX to Milwaukee, WI baby! I'll be spending the next few weeks in Cheeseland at my parent's house.
Danny drove the first 17 hours of the trip, driving straight through the night. Being the team player that I am, I offered to take the wheel for the last 2 hours of our journey.
I was cruising down the Illinois highway and just as Danny drifted off into a deep sleep, I saw an exit sign for PARIS!!!! Can you believe it? “What an opportunity” I thought to myself! I immediately exited to go check out this Parisian city assuming it was a sister town to the one in France. Unfortunately, my excitement got the better of me and I sorta drove off the side of the road which woke up my husband.
He promptly noticed we were no longer on the highway and made me turn around immediately. Something along the lines “he’d been driving for 17 hours with no help and we weren’t going to fucking Paris and there’s no such thing as a “sister town” and let’s just get there god damnit.”
So that was a bummer – especially since I was already in the mood to do French stuff. I got my fix later that evening when we arrived at my parents house. I  rented Moulin Rouge. I made French toast. I doused myself in Chanel perfume.  I lit a up a cig in the house – and then my mom got pissed and that was the end of that.


  1. We have a Paris here in Texas, so maybe he will let you go to that sister town. :)

  2. If being a sister town isn't a good enough reason to stop there, Paris, TX also has a replica of the eiffel tower topped with a giant red cowboy hat. I assume its just like being in France except its hot as hell and in the middle of nowhere.

  3. LOL, I can see perspective is everything here :) You should try letting Danny edit this story and see if he injects any of those [Editors Note: many 4-letter words have been deleted here]" type comments.

  4. I'm excited to learn about the existence of Paris, Texas. I'm totally going soon.

  5. Megan- You should let me take you to Paris, Texas. They even have an Eiffel Tower- complete with a red cowboy hat on top! And, in case you need a translator, I speak both Texan AND French. I'm telling you- it could be fun! (not to mention there's a statue in one of the cemeteries of Jesus wearing cowboy boots!) C'mon-- ROAD TRIP!!

  6. My boyfriend lives in Paris, TX.
    here's the picture I took of the eiffel tower.
    It's amazing.


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