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My new MD Anderson bracelet
Not be confused with these awesome bracelets that I
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I had a check-up last week at MD Anderson. It started as they always do, getting a bracelet placed around your wrist.  This respective bracelet has your medical number, date of birth, and picture. In my case, a terrible picture.

You think being in a cancer hospital, surrounded by truly sick people, I’d check my shallowness at the door and not be bothered by such frivolity.  Thinking that, of course, is wrong.
Now, I know I’m going to get flack for this, so I’m prepared but in my bracelet photo I look  mentally retarded cognitively challenged. I know, I know – that’s bad to say. Give me points for being PC about it. I checked with my mom, a Special Ed teacher, for the right term. (This is why I wanted to know Mom!)
I decided to ask the front desk lady to have my picture retaken;
ME: Excuse me, miss? I really hate this picture. Can we retake it?
FRONT DESK LADY: What do you want? A glamour shot?
ME: (Noting her sarcasm but choosing to ignore it) Yes please!
And that’s what we did. Retook my picture. And now I’m looking forward to my next appointment because my new photo is fantastic!!!

P.S. - While there, I met a fabulous woman named Sylvia. If any of you happen to be the praying type, say a prayer for Sylvia, will you? She's from Louisiana and like I said, she's fabulous.


  1. Glamour shots meets hospital ward. Beautiful. It should be more like this, right?

    Sending Sylvia "see beautiful" thoughts and prayers.

  2. Just followed you on Pinterest!!! Do you also have Instagram?! :)

    PS: I put your giveaway in the mail this weekend (sorry it too FOREVER), but I had such a crazy week! Let me know when it arrives :)

    xoxo Denise

  3. Think of it this way: the shallowness of wanting your picture re-taken was offset by your comment about/request for Sylvia. In fact, I would venture to guess that you had a net gain in the NON-SHALLOW direction (unless you didn't want that, in which case disregard what I just said.)

    Hope the checkup goes well! (And, prayers sent Sylvia's way).


  4. No, Ed! I'll take the net gain. I like your thought process - well done!

  5. It is a pretty fabulous photo... ;) Newest follower, yes I am!


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