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I'm Fancy

Check out my new, fancy buttons over there to your right! Impressive, yes?
I’d like to tell you I made them myself but that would be a lie. I tried, but early into the process I realized staring at the computer screen and wishing them there wasn’t working.
That’s when I enlisted the help of a graphic designer named Jeff.  At first, he was including me in the button making process – asking my input on color, size, shape, etc. I got pretty into it! So into it, I sent him this drawing, explaining my vision.  
People like working with me because I'm so high tech.

Jeff got more autonomous after receiving it.  I assume because my sketch was so telling.
Anyway, check out my buttons and let’s take our relationship to the next level.


  1. I'm obsessed with pinterest. And you can consider yourself pinterest-stalked. :)

  2. Agreed, pinterest is the bomb. (I haven't used that expression since the late 90's. It felt good.) I'll find you as well Katie!

  3. I think you should bring "the bomb" back. I feel like its underrated as an expression.

  4. Just don't use it on an airplane. Or at an airport. Or anyplace else you think might be frequented by overly-paranoid Fed/law enforcement types.


  5. The new term is "intellectual disability." As a special education teacher, I got an email notifying me of this change last week and thought it would be helpful to your blog.


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