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Danny, my hottie plumber

Hi! How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was embarrassing. Our kitchen sink broke so Danny told me go to the store and buy a plunger. Obviously, I told him over my dead body. But somehow I found myself very alive and en route to Target.

So there I was at Target, having to buy a plunger. Hands down, most embarrassing thing you can buy. I used to think it was feminine products. But now I know for a fact that it's a plunger. I looked it up to be sure.

I was going to buy some token gum to go along with it. Just to take some of the attention away from the plunger. But I found a Missoni bikini on Clearance so I bought that instead. God, I love Target.

So that's it guys. Embarrassing plunger purchase. That pretty much sums up my weekend. Is that sad? More or less sad than the fact that I blogged about "my sink" today. Is that not riveting?

Our sink was pretty jacked though, no?
Gross, right?

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  1. I heard that chicken bones clean off the disposal blades. Other than that, the plumbing contractor said to run lots of water with the disposal for minutes before & after dumping stuff down it. He said there were different theories on whether to use hot or cold water. I had a theory he hadn't heard of. Since I don't know how to cook, I don't plan to use the disposal. It's for resale value.


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