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Tuck Guys

Our place in Chitown.
I miss it. =(
Despite now being Texans, Danny and I still own a condo in Chicago. This means that we are still active members in our condo association. And by "we", I mean Danny. This email chain between our condo association illustrates why I don't participate in the group....

Email from Association President
RE: Tuck Guys
Hey guys! I got an estimate from a company regarding the limestone cap/spot tuck/ fill holes/ and gap work for our building. Do you want me to get another estimate or should we just pull the trigger? -Marty

Email from another neighbor
RE: Tuck Guys
Sounds good! Let's just go for it!

Email from another neighbor
RE: Tuck Guys
Yeah! Let's just get it done before winter!

Email from ME!!!
Re: Tuck Guys
I have nothing pertinent to contribute to this email chain so, rather, I’m going to say what I initially thought “tuck guys” referred to when I saw the subject line. I thought “tuck guys” was when men tuck "themselves" between their legs in order to go drag or something.  Ha! Funny right? When's our next meeting guys??? You guys always forget to tell me when they are!!!!! Let me come this time!


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