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Ethiopian Food

Dinner is served.
Danny and I recently went for Ethiopian food. It was a very authentic. So authentic that we were unable to communicate with our waitress.  Thankfully, they brought in a special one to help us.
She told us the restaurant's three most popular dishes and ordered them for us accordingly. These dishes were  #17, #39, and the #8. So maybe not completely authentic.
Our special waitress also ordered us some “honey wine.” – Apparently Ethiopia’s traditional drink. We never got a firm answer on if the honey wine had alcohol. Until later that night when I did a very sexy dance immediately followed by profuse vomiting. So probably some alcohol.

Honey Wine

For those of you intrigued by our experience, you can go to The Blue Nile in Houston. That's where we went. The neighborhood can get a little shady at night so be warned. Or go strapped. Either Or!
For those of you that don't live in Houston, you can just go to Ethiopia. From what I've heard, most restaurants there have food of this nature. Bon Appetite!


  1. Mildly related to this post, have you read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese? It's a must. You'll have a new appreciation for Ethiopian food for Round 2.

  2. there's a blue nile in minneapolis, too and i love it! i've never had the honey wine, but your story did make me laugh out loud!


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