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Occupying Wall Street

That's me. Occupying Wall Street.

Being in NYC this weekend, I decided to take the opportunity to get in on the Occupy Wall Street action. I mean, when else am I going to have a chance to do something so grass rootsy?

It was pretty fantastic, though I'm still not super sure what we were protesting. Based on what I saw from my fellow protesters- we're heavily opposed to showers. Fucking hate them! Playing the bongos, on the other hand, we love.

Plus, I heard that Kayne was at the protest earlier in the week. And "Dan" (Penn Badgley) from Gossip Girl. So that's pretty awesome! My new life as a political activist is so exciting!


  1. Hey hun! You are the WINNER of my giveaway!!! Email me at so I can get your address and mail you the items! :)


    xoxo Denise

  2. ... and meanwhile, just up the street from you, an epic battle of wills rages on.



  3. I love that you're Occupying Wall Street with a Chanel bag over your shoulder. You show 'em girl! HAHA (Love your blog)

  4. I know, right? What was I to do though??? Thanks Sarah!


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