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Andy Samburg

Okay. I don't know want to name drop or anything but I totally had dinner with SNL's Andy Samburg this weekend. And by "with" I mean "near". I totally had dinner "near" Andy Samburg. We were both at The Lion in the West Village.

I drew this map so you can visualize it..

Can you believe I've had no formal art training? All by hand!

I didn't try to get a picture or anything. I mean, sometimes, us celebrities just want to be left alone damn it! (I'm of course referring to my experience as the 2000 Franklin High School Homecoming Queen.)

My friends and I did take some pics throughout dinner though.

 Don't I look oddly tan in this pic? Like I'm on Dancing With The Stars?

 My friends. Looking good ladies!
So that's it. Andy Samburg and I are basically besties. If you're jealous. It's okay. I would be too.



  1. Andy Samburg is basically my dream guy. Well, actually that's Hugh Jackman. But Andy's up there. I'm jealous!

  2. I would have rushed over there like a screaming Bieber fan! Well... sans screaming and hyperventilation. But you know what I mean.

  3. What's up with my airplane arms?

  4. You have good taste ladies. I like Andy as well!


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