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Keeping it Classy

I've been talking incessantly about New York this week but my trip was so inspiring! The BlogHer conference was awesome and I got the opportunity to meet some class acts. Like my new BFF, Annemarie, editor of  Brunch At Saks. I mean, Brunch at Saks - come on! Just her blog's title is classy.

And one of the conference speakers, Linda Cowen, inspired me deeply as well. Linda spoke about how to NOT get sued when publishing a book. And while that's probably inevitable for me, I loved the whole silk scarf look that she had going on. So classy!

I'll never have the innate class that the aforementioned women exude. (I confisicated a bottle of wine into the movies this week.) But I've decided to fake it by wearing silk scarves as demonstrated above.

To sum up;  New York City Rules. Wear a silk scarf. Check out Annemarie's blog. And for godsakes, be classy.


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  2. I love you and your blog! Keep it classy! (And I am super embarrassed because I just tried to comment, and I totally used the incorrect form of "your" I'm a great PhD student. Also, I had to type in "pootsh" for a word verification and that made me giggle)

  3. Meeting you was the highlight of the conference for me!!! Thank you for this sweet post :) And I agree about Linda- so interesting to hear about the legal formalities in the world of publishing. Have a good day girl!


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