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Google It!

Blogger, the company that hosts this site, has a tool enabling you to see what people googled in order to find your blog.  Some people found my site purposely. For example, if you google "Greetings from Texas Megan", my site will come up. Neat! But boring.

What's much more entertaining are the people that accidentally came to the blog and the search terms that brought them here.

Google Searches that Brought People to this blog

"Lay on the Floor Sex"
 - Um, what? More importantly, why are people googling this? It's a pretty self explanatory concept, no? What further instruction do you need?

"Twister" Foot
- HA! This makes sense as I've previously blogged about Twister. But "Twister Foot"? What is twister foot? I guess that's precisely what this poor person was trying to figure out.

"Where my bitches"
- What a lazy person! In order to find your bitches, can we all agree, its probably most effective to call them? Unless of course this was one of my friends, trying to find my blog, making me "the bitch". In which case, touche!


  1. I have some weird searches too.... after I posted this link ( about beaver lodges, people find my blog by searching for "Beaver houses" and "Beaver trees." Hmmm. The weirdest part? I think 98% of the people that read my blog are family and friends, so why can't they just search for my name?

  2. I think you missed "Kathy Lee Gifford see-thru".

    Because I want to know what that even means.

  3. One of my top searches is "Rated R," which is hilarious as I once impulsively wrote a blog post about how parents shouldn't bring their kids to Rated R movies 'cuz it makes the rest of us feel awkward. Aaaand now, people get to my blog because it's "rated R." Haaaahaha

  4. My searches are all lame and boring. "Sherwin Williams Smoked Oyster" is the highest...think I need to spice things up a bit over here. I'ld love for someone to land on my blog after googling lay on the floor sex.


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