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Bieber Fever

Some girls are into guys that have nice cars. Or that have hot bodies. Or rich guys. I, however, find the ability to rap very attractive. (Though, rich guys come in an extremely close 2nd. Just sayin.)

Yesterday I found this video of Justin Bieber busting rhymes. (Do people still say busting rhymes? What's the cool way to say that sentence?) 

Regardless now I have Bieber Fever. (I realize there is no way to make that sentence cool and I'm fine with it.)

While trying to post Justin's video on my blog, I came across the following video which is equally fantastic in an entirely different way. This little girl is using the "Justin Bieber singing toothbrush". Please watch and please, for the love of god, someone buy me this toothbrush.



  1. justin bieber is way way younger than me, but my feelings for him are very real.


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