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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Christmas at my parents house is always festive. My mom's tree is worthy of a Pottery Barn photoshoot as is the rest of her holiday decor.

Good job Mom.

The Christmas gene my Mom has, however, is not genetic as I will now introduce you to my younger brother, Ryan.

 Ryan's take on the holiday is more understated. This is best illustrated by where he did the entirety of his Christmas shopping this year. A grocery store.

It worked alright for some. My Dad got Starbucks coffee. Danny got a bottle of booze. Ryan's girlfriend got cookies. Her mom got popcorn.

I, on the other hand, got a roll of paper towels. Generic paper towels. He didn't even pop for Bounty.

 You shouldn't have.

My mom got shower cleaner. Generic shower cleaner. Though as Ryan pointed out, two bottles.

Merry Christmas to you too Ry!


  1. Your mom's tree is gorgeous!!! Totally pottery barn worthy for sure

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL tree! And your brother is suuuper lazy hahaha. He shoulda at least sprung for booze for you!

  3. It appears he always keeps you guessing...that's worth some merit. Did you get him a gift card to the grocery store?

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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