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The Best Gas Station Ever

My parents live in Florida, walking distance to the best gas station ever. Not that I've ever walked there. I drive. But I thought I'd give you a frame of reference.

First and foremost, this gas station has a Dunkin Donuts inside it. Dunkin Donuts is my fave, and ever since I moved to Texas, a rare treat since Houston doesn't have any. (Which is bullshit.)

It doesn't stop there though. In addition to having a Dunkin Donuts, this gas station also sells paraphernalia!

They actually have more inventory than this but I got yelled at for taking pictures. (Rude.)
After I took this picture, I went up to the Dunkin Donuts counter and this conversation occurred.

Dunkin Donuts Employee: Can I help you ma'am?
Me: Yeah. Can I have an XL coffee with skim milk, a chocolate frosted donut, and this bong. (As I placed a bong on the counter.)
Dunkin Donuts Employee: Sure. That'll be $40.
Me: Perfect.

And lastly, this respective gas station is the best ever because it sells Doritos. I know all gas stations do, but Doritos are so good that I thought it was worth mentioning.

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