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Helpful Traveling Tips

Happy Friday friends! It's an especially happy Friday for me as I'm going to Florida!!! Yay!
(I know you can't tell, but I'm clapping!)

As you read this, I'm probably en route to the airport. Usually, the airport is a disaster for me. I either go to the wrong one or pack nothing but liquids - its always something.

But due to the traveling trips I picked up on my recent trip to New Orleans, I'm ready to go. The airport in New Orleans had a plethora of signage with what they called, "Holiday Travel Tips." And let me tell you, these tips were incredibly helpful.

Like this one for example:

Did you know that you're not allowed to bring pie through security? Or, according to this picture, a half eaten cake! I mean, who doesn't travel with a half eaten cake? I always do. It's cake, magazines, and my ipod.

Or this one:

No snowglobes? This is bullshit!!!!!

Or this one:

Look out for floor slopes! That's a good one. What I like most about this tip is that it doesn't just pertain to airports. You can be cautious of floor slopes everywhere. The mall, your house, the street - floor slopes can be everywhere. Such a good tip!

So you can see now why I'm so confident going into my travel day. I'm armed with good information. Thank you New Orleans airport, you've really outdone yourself here.

Now let my vacay begin!

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