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Antiquing in Texas

I love antique stores - they're my fave. Anything vintage, anything antique, anything thrifted for that matter - I'm in to. Which is why last week when I drove by this store in Houston's 'Heights' neighborhood, I immediatley pulled into the parking lot.

I wasn't entirely sure what 'feed' meant but I didn't give it much thought. That was secondary to the antiques. Antiques!!!!

Um, it was weird. In place of the vintage handbags, jewlery, and dressess that I imagined, there was this....

and this....

I was super confused. The guy that worked there could tell.

Guy that worked there: Can I help you ma'am?
Me: Uhhhh. So it's mostly just chickens then?
Guy: Yeah.
Me: Right....

I must say, they were reasonably priced. I don't know what the going rate is for a chicken, but $15 seems fair.

It was definitely the first time I left an antique store without buying something. But I just chalked it up to part of my Texas living education because I now know that 'feed store' means.....well,  I still don't know what it means. Pretty sure it has something to do with chickens though.

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