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Weekend at Grandma's

This is my mother in law. I love her. I know I’m not supposed to. Mother-in-laws are supposed to be overly opinionated, hard to please, and an overall pain in the ass. But not mine – I got lucky. She’s the best.

And she’s not just wonderful to me. She’s wonderful to everyone. Like her church, for example. Every single Sunday, she makes fresh bread for the newcomers to her church.  Blueberry, banana, pumpkin – the smell on Saturday nights is always heavenly as the mini-loaves cool on her counter.

So part of me can understand why Booker decided to help himself.  All six loafs. Gone. Eaten. Digested.

In his defense, he’s never attended her church – so technically by definition, he is a “newcomer”. But he’s also a dog. A very bad dog. Very bad!

Tell me some of you have similar experiences?

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