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Florida continues to be an excellent vacay. Though I must say, I haven't been relaxing much. My parents keep me busy with activities.

For example, yesterday was a daddy/daughter kayak trip with our family friends. Originally, I didn't want to go kayaking at all. Mostly because I didn't know what kayaking was. But my enthusiasm perked up upon pulling into the parking lot and seeing this sign.

Those are on "clearence" huh? Fantastic!
(This totally reminds me of this.)
**For those of you who don't get it, you probably aren't strong spellers.

Then, things got even better, because I realized the Dads were wearing the exact same shirt.

Can you blame them? Tommy Bahama makes one hell of a t-shirt, no?
Love that guy!

Oh. And the kayaking was good too. Though I wish I would've had a little motor on the back of my kayak. Though in that scenario, I'll also need to wish I knew how to operate a motor. So two wishes.  Three actually. I wish I was a billionaire. I'm throwing that in there, just in case they come true. I'd hate to think I wasted granted wishes on motor stuff.

Pretty, right?

Anyone been kayaking before?
Or have a deep love for Tommy Bahama?

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