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Kim Kardashian goes to Spin NYC

Kimmy at Spin NYC

Last night while watching the most recent episode of 'Kim and Kourtney Take New York', I got super excited. Well, more excited than normal. Just the show in itself excites me. But last night I was extra excited to see Kim hang out at Spin Ping Pong Bar.

Guess who also recently visited Spin in Milwaukee?

Oh, just me. (said in a very casual, breezy way)

I've always thought Kim and I are kindred spirits, so I'm glad to have received this confirmation.  (I've always sought confirmation regarding Johnathan's sexuality as well, so that storyline was appreciated too.)


My ping pong game isn't great. Though, as seen here, I was using a book in lieu of a paddle. Spin has all sorts of crazy stuff like that.

Judging from the show, Kim didn't appear to be great at ping pong either. It's fine though. We have other talents, like T & A, for example. 

Also, FYI for my New York readers and bloggers!  Like, The Daily Muse and Reagan's Blob  (if you aren't reading these blogs, you should be.)  There was a Spin at the Mondrian Hotel in LA. Perhaps NY's Mondrian hotel is next? I've been there too. (Again, said in the most casual way.) I mean, who'd brag about something like that?

Mondrian in LA


Me at the Mondrian Soho

Have a good day everyone!


Megan Silianoff and Kim Kardashian

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  1. This may be the closest I ever come to Kim kardashian so "wooh!". I really liked that episode too!

  2. Dude! Love the shout out! Maybe I should go to spin!

  3. how fab is that?! a ping pong bar! cute shots!


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