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New Years Eve in New Orleans was fantastic. Bourbon Street was just as I imagined it to be; sorta ghetto, sorta trashy, sorta great.

Because NYE also happens to be my cousin, Anne-Marie's, 30th birthday, we celebrated her birth as well. Because I believe all things are best celebrated with commemorative t-shirts, I had these made.

We spent the evening dancing, eating "king cake"(a New Orleans staple that I now love), and drinking (obvy).

Dancing with my cousins. Don't be fooled by our suburban, middle class upbringing.
We are ghetto bitches.

We also spent lots of time throwing beads to people on Bourbon street. When we ran out of beads, we threw our commemerative t-shirts.

So did this chic.
I failed to capture, however, what happened prior to this photo.
She showed us her boobs. They were big.

Let's all go ahead, right now, and make a 2012 resolution to not show our boobs. That way when you fail to go to the gym, you can say, "at least I haven't shown my boobs." Unless of course, you have. In which case, you're on your own.

Happy New Year! And Happy 30th Anne-Marie!


  1. I'd forgotten to add boob flashing to my list of 2012 resolutions. Good thing I checked your blog. Who knows what this year would have looked like. Literally.

    Happy seeing beautiful (not boobs).

  2. Oh come on Lydia! I'm sure someone would benefit from you not having this resolution! =) Happy seeing beautiful indeed! =)

  3. omg those shirts are fantastic..and the girl at the bottom, boob flash?? awesome

  4. How fun! I only live like an hour away from NOLA, maybe that's what I'll de next year!

  5. How fun! I once went to Shreveport (once-keyword). And it was so dirty, I had to desire to explore Louisiana further. But I hear NOLA is awful fun!

  6. omg those shirts are hilarious! looks like too much fun!


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