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Black on Black

Driving home yesterday, I spotted a girl leaving her building dressed in black from head to toe. I was surprised at how great it looked. I've never thought to wear an exclusively black outfit. I assumed I'd look goth or like Johnny Cash.
This random girl, however, was nothing of the sort. More 'Parisian Chic' if anything.
I decided to try the black look out myself as seen above. More importantly, I decided to pay attention while driving. While I'm excited to have spotted this style, it came at the cost of almost hitting a pedestrian. If you're reading this, you live in Houston, and you nearly got hit by a Ford Escape yesterday, I'm sorry. =(

P.S. Here are some others who wear black much better than I. Enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous look on you! And I love your flats :)

  2. I would be afraid of looking goth, too, but you look great! Those shorts are super cute!

  3. i really love black on black on black. something so chic about it! cute outfite too. Shorts in January, must be lovely!


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