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Dry cleaning Dilemna

I've used a few dry cleaners in my day. Initially in Chicago I had one that was walking distance from my apartment. (Points for it being so convenient!)

When I moved in with Danny, I started using his place in the Chicago Loop. (Points for him paying for my dry cleaning!)

Now that we're in Houston, we go to this place in Rice Village. It's fine but I gotta say, I'm mildly disturbed by how they return my dresses. They're always on a very, very voluptuous cardboard body.

The size of her breasts don't translate well on camera. But trust me, they're large.

Is this a Texas thing? Or am I going to a perverted dry cleaner?

In the past, I've always gotten my dresses back on hangers, maybe with some tissue paper or safety pins. But never on something human shaped.

Maybe I'm just oversensitive because I know this broad would kill me in an US Weekly style  "Who Wore it Best."

Whatever. I'm switching dry cleaners.

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