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Fishnets and Fedoras

I love theme parties. 'Pimps & Hoes', for example, in college was my fave.  Then for a while it was 'Tennis Pros & Golf Hoes'. Relatively same concept, centered around the ever important hoe, but just a tad classier.

Recently my mom told me that she and my dad went to 'Fishnet & Fedora' night at Milwaukee's Pfister hotel and I was very jealous. And annoyed. Milwaukee was never that cool when I lived there. Whatever Milwaukee!

Since then, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and throw my own 'Fishnet & Fedora' party. The only hiccup being I still don't know many people in Houston. As of now, I can think of 6 potential guests, and that's including both my dentist and doctor, neither of which Danny wants to invite.

So until I become the Houston socialite that I aspire to be, my 'Fishnet & Fedora' obsession will be limited to a pinterest board, and this blog post.

P.S. If you live in Houston, have friends, and throw this party, feel free to invite me. I'll bring dip and Jager. 


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Have you guys heard of or been to a party like this? Do tell!

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