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Happy (early) Valentines Day!

Danny and I celebrated Valentines Day this weekend because, well, I thought it was this weekend. Apparently he knew it's not until tomorrow but didn’t say anything because he wanted his present. It’s fine though, because the sooner we exchanged gifts, the sooner I go to do this.

I had some help. Danny had one.....

Our Valentine weekend consisted of dinner on Friday night and the movies on Sunday. Not the same movie of course – different movies, but we went to the theatre together. I guess you could say we carpooled. Our friends think this habit of ours, seeing different movies at the same time, is strange. But know what I think is strange? Seeing action movies all the time. No thanks – I’ll pass. 

The Vow, however - my movie of choice was fantastic. Maybe not fantastic, but it was decent, which for a romantic comedy is pretty good.

I also need to thank Heather who was my partner in a Valentines Day Swap that she, myself, and a bunch of other bloggers participated in. The swag Heather sent me, including this headband, was awesome. Thanks woman!

Anyone else see The Vow this weekend? Channing Tatum isn't really my type - but he's still pretty sensual, no?

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