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Time Out

Shirt: F21(similar one here) Necklace:Vintage Choker (this one would be cute too)
 Bag:Chanel Nails:Sally Hansen nail strips

Sometimes clothes look much different on the hanger than they do on.

That was the situation with this particular shirt. On the hanger, I loved it. So much that I didn't even try it on. I just grabbed it, paid for it, and gave myself a high five.

(Plus it matched my nails!)

It wasn't until I got home and tried it on that I realized it wasn't as great as I thought. It fit well and everything. That wasn't it. It was more that I looked like a referee. I decided to get a 2nd opinion and ask my husband.

Me: Danny, do I look like a referee?

Danny: HAHAHAHA! Hilarious. HOLDING!!!

Me: I do? Really? Oh my.. (interrupted)

Danny: Offsides!

Me: Stop! Do you..(interrupted)

Danny: Time Out!

Danny: Ruffing the passer!


 I took that as a yes.

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