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Once in an episode of Saved by the Bell, Lisa Turtle famously asked, “What is art? Are we art? Is Art, art?”

Touché Lisa. I was thinking the same thing last week when checking out some paintings at MD Anderson.  I realize MD Anderson is a hospital and not a museum so it's primary focus is to prevent people from dying - not dazzle with their art collection.  But still, I found some of their art to be a little underwhelming.

Like this piece for example.


Art is subjective. For some people, I'm sure this piece evokes deep emotion.

For me, however, it just evoked the desire to do this.

It was a strong desire though, so maybe it was some good art after all.

I texted Danny this pic and said "I'm at the park. Come meet me."  to which he responded, "Really? Now?" to which I responded "You're an idiot."

What do you guys think of this piece? Does it do anything for you?

***Other good moves by Lisa Turtle? Inventing “the sprain!”

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