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Cheetah Skirts & White Russians

Last weekend I picked up this cheetah skirt from H&M.

Skirt: H&M (similarShoes: Michael Kors Shirt (which I'm wearing backwards): It was my mom's in the early 90's Bag: thrifted Necklace: Vintage  Photography: Paige Budde

After doing so, I made plans with my friend/photographer, Paige, to do a shoot accordingly. Or at least I thought I did. There was some sort of miscommunication between the two of us, so when I showed up to her house Thursday afternoon, Paige wasn't home but rather across the street at her neighbor's, drinking white russians.

Which I think is very telling about the kind of girl Paige is.....awesome.

Especially since she gave me a sip.

Jean Jacket: F21

For more pics from this shoot, go to Paige's blog.

For more information on white russians, go to Paige's neighbor's house. Tell him the girl in the cheetah skirt sent you.

P.S. Any of you white russian fans? Or just Russian in general? I'm equally interested in hearing from both parties!

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