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Dance Party

Saturday night I threw a surprise birthday party for Danny. (Best wife ever!)  It was a good time had by all.....I hope anyway. I was having too good of a time to notice if anyone else was. (Worst hostess ever!) 

My favorite portion of the evening was the full out dance party that ensued! Actually, that's a lie. My favorite, favorite part of the evening was when our friend, Paige, did the worm and consequently kicked our friend,Tripp, in the face. It was awesome! (Though not for Tripp.)

So I guess the dance party was technically my 2nd favorite part of the night.
We danced to a variety of tunes including Call Me Maybe (speaking of which, have you seen my Call me Maybe video?), Jay-Z (obvi), Eminem, and Kenny G. (Ha! J/K.)

Not everyone at Danny's party, however, was all about the dancing.

Booker, for example, was partial to the food.

He didn't leave this spot all night.

But I'm not going to judge. I didn't leave "my spot" all day on Sunday. That spot of course being my bed.

Can any of you do the worm? Because if so I'd like to be friends.

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