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Hermann Park

I shot these pics in Hermann Park last week with my sponsor (now friend!) Paige Budde.

Top: Thrifted Skirt: here at Francesca's Necklace: Jennie Claire Shoes: Target

And by "I shot" these pics, I of course mean I stood there awkwardly while Paige did all the work.  Sometimes I'd say stuff like "Hey! Can you tell I'm smizing?"  but for the most part I just stood there.

I was actually nervous to shoot in Hermann Park as I had an emotionally scarring experience last time I was there. That experience being a 5k race called "Run in the Park". Let's just say in addition to running on my part, there was some puking and crying.

 To see more pics from this shoot, check out Paige's blog here.

To get this skirt I'm wearing for 25% (or anything from Francesca's for that matter) enter  "megan" when you checkout online.

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  1. Ok. a) I just cracked up. Out loud. In the doctor's waiting room. And b) you look so pretty!!!!


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