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Pink Party

Danny's mom turned 75 this weekend. In honor of that, and her deep affection for pink, we threw her a "Pink Party" at Angel's Ice House in Spicewood,Texas.

Remember this dress?

There was so much pink, non-party goers at the bar repeatedly came up to me and asked if were having a benefit for "breast cancer." (Of course I told them yes and then asked for a cash donation.)

The party gave Danny and I a chance to do what we do best, which is embarrass ourselves through song and dance.

Dance for me.

Song for Danny.

He's very shy.

(For more videos of Danny singing with the band, check out my Facebook page.)

Happy Birthday Mom! Hurry up and turn 85 so we can do it all over again.

So be real with me guys. My dance moves are pretty sick, right?

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