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Floral Fun!

Newsflash! Floral patterns are huge right now. HUGE! (Just ask my TX Style Council buddy, Jessie.) Which is why I had to snatch up this little number!

I picked this up at Buffalo Exchange for just $7! (Yes, I was very proud of myself.)

And though the pattern of my dress might be huge, the dress itself, is actually quite small. And short. At least according to my husband...

And the wind..

WTF wind! Not cool! This is a family blog.

Let's just say that little "incident" didn't help my case in convincing Danny my dress was fine.

Stupid wind.

Any of you rocking florals lately?
Or, perhaps more interestingly, flashing people your undies?

P.S. Francesca's has a lot of floral options right now like this! Enter "Megan" (that's me!) for 25% your entire online purchase.

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  1. The wind blew up my dress in a parking lot once and I flashed a bunch of cars driving by. My 7 year-old and I couldn't stop laughing! And I just found out about Buffalo Exchange here in SA--I've gotta make a trip!


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