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Do or Dye Texas

I've been channeling Rapunzel lately with my long, lucious locks. (Maybe just long.) So I decided it was time for a cut. I was excited to make an appointment with fellow Houston blogger, Brandi, from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno.

Brandi owns Do or Dye Texas on Washington. Such a cute logo no?

Alright. So you guys ready to see my hair transformation? As a reminder, this is what I looked before.

And here is me after!!!!

HA! JK!  Brandi isn't that good.'s the real after.

Ooh la la.

Make sure to keep reading Brandi's blog (and mine for that matter!). I'm working on something exciting that Brandi and her sister Kelly are going to be a part of, which I'll be announcing in weeks to come. How's that for suspense?

Now tell me the truth. I totally had you there for a second with that Rachel Bilson pic, no?

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