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A Catamaran Cruise

Any Titantic fans out there? If so you're going to LOVE this post.

Dolphin fans (the animal, not the football team), I also got a little something for you. Get excited.

Everyone else? Eh. You'll make due.

While in Kauai my mom and I went out on a catamaran. (Fancy word for boat. Also harder to spell.) It was pretty cool and the scenery was fantastic. 

Plus, it was there I witnessed my FOURTH celebrity sighting of the trip! I love a good celebrity sighting. (As proven here.) So you can imagine how excited I was. And because I'm not one of those people worried about protecting celebs' privacy let me go ahead and tell you who those were right now.

1. Kris Humphries at the LAX airport!
2. Lea Michele (from GLEE) in the hot tub of my hotel.
3. Cory Monteith (also from GLEE) and also in the hot tub of my hotel.

And like I said, I saw the 4th celeb while on the boat.

That celeb being....

I didn't ask Flip for an autograph for obvious reasons. (He's a dolphin.....opposable thumbs.)

Another thing I loved about this boat ride was the Mai Tais. I'm not sure if this is part of catamaran culture or just something they do for stupid tourists, but either way, I'm a fan.

My mom was a fan of the Mai Tais as well.

What an alcoholic.

The last thing I loved about this boat ride was the opportunity to re-create one of my all-time favorite movie scenes.

And here's my reenactment.

I didn't put my arms out for fear of spilling my drink.....but you get the idea.

Overall, the catamaran ride was a success.  As I assume ruining Cory & Michele's hot tub experience was as well. (Let's just say there was some staring....and singing.)

P.S. If anyone's interested, I posted more pics from my vacay here on the Greetings from Texas facebook page..


  1. When did you spot Lea and Cory, out of curiosity? It seems like they were in NY and Vancouver lately. Trying to figure out when they could've been in Hawaii. Not trying to discount your story or anything, just trying to fill in some question marks about their whereabouts.

  2. Can you tell us exactly when you saw Cory & Lea because they've been in Vancouver lately and maybe it wasn't them you saw in the hot tub.

  3. You were in Hawaii from the 21 to the 29th yes? And you say you saw Cory and Lea there during that time frame right? Given Lea was in NY up until the 27th when she went to London (and was there until the 30th) and Cory was in Wyoming then Vancouver during that time and there is solid proof that that is where they were, I'm thinking you must have been mistaken. They're both now in Vancouver together, but for the time period you're stating it's impossible that they were in Hawaii

  4. You have such a young Mom. You look really pretty in the photos.


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