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House Hunting in Houston

Danny and I recently put our house in Chicago on the market. Which means a) one of you should buy it** and b) we've began house hunting in Houston.

**for full price!

We're not getting super serious about our Houston hunt. I actually don't want to buy anything until we rent in the general area for at least a year. Just to make sure we don't commit to an area we end up hating. But we have been hitting up open houses recently and just exploring different neighborhoods in and around Houston.

Take this one for example. This was a house we toured in the Memorial Park area.

It was 1. 4 million and amazing.

And the closet! Oh, the closet.

Danny and I left this home with two very different impressions and "take-aways". Despite appreciating the house, Danny decided Memorial Park wasn't the neighborhood for him. He wanted to look elsewhere. 

My take-away on the other hand?

 I should have married rich.

Really f-ing rich.

Where do my fellow Houstonians live? Maybe we should be neighbors?

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