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Newbury Street

For those of you who have been to Boston, you know Newbury Street is where its at. This street folks, is retail heaven. Better than Chicago's Michigan avenue, better than Houston's Galleria, probably not better than New York's Soho neighborhood, Newbury Street is the shit.

 I ventured Newbury Street with my younger cousin Kimmy and her boyfriend Mike. (Poor Mike.) Being completely overstimulated and overexcited by all the stores that laid in front of us, we concentrated on ones that we couldn't necessarily go to at home. Lit Boutique and Bobbles and Lace, for example, seemed to be unique to Boston so we logged time in each of those.

Kimster and I at Bobbles and Lace

Other favorites included Madewell! Especially since Kimmy had never been! I got to introduce her to the greatness. That Kimmy, she's a quick learner! I've never been more proud than watching her purchase her first Madewell item - a leather purse. (Though there were some proud moments on her 21st birthday - none of which are appropriate for this forum.)

         Left| Madewell on Newbury    Right| Madewell Shoes that I wish were mine

Other stores that I got excited about?

I love discovering new stores!

Newbury Street y'all. Learn about it.

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