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Henna Tats

I sorta want to get a tattoo on my wrist but have no idea what I'd get. There's nothing I'm that passionate about that warrants making it permanent on my body. When Danny and I were in China we discussed getting tats of our wedding date in Chinese characters  but I'm kinda over that.  I mean, I don't know Chinese. For all I know, the tattoo artist could write Kung Pow Chicken on my arm, tell me it was my wedding date, and I'd have no idea. (Though Kung Pow Chicken is pretty good. There could be worse things to have a tattoo of I suppose.)

Because of my ambiguity, I jumped at the chance to get a henna tattoo when in a random shop in Boston. Henna tattoos are way more laid back.

The ink goes on real thick like mud. Then you just have to wait about an hour for it to dry and fall off.

And after...

JK!  This is just some random picture I found on pinterest. I like it though - very authentic.

Here's really what my tat looks like.

Keep in mind this is like a week later. It's super faded and looks more like brown sharpie than anything. But for ten bucks its decent.

What about you guys? Any tat lovers out there?

P.S. Like my new look? The amazing Kirsten Stoddard did it of course. Check out my FAQ page too, made some updates there.

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