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Yesterday was a tough day for me. Not in the morning so much. But in the afternoon.

All was well until I ran over to a copy shop to pick up some stuff we were having printed at work. I was talking to the copy shop guy while out of the corner of my eye I saw this image playing on the TV in the corner of the shop.


For those of you that didn't see this story yesterday, it's okay. Don't be scared. The jist is that in China, and all Asian countries I think, fair skin is treasured. So much so that Chinese woman are taking to wearing ski masks to the beach to prevent getting tan.

Watching this story on CNN at the copy shop, I was equal parts horrified, confused, and extremely gleeful. Desperate for more information, I later found this story online. Here was my favorite quote of the article from a masked woman.  

“A woman should always have fair skin,” she said proudly. “Otherwise people will think you’re a peasant.”

Perhaps. But has she ever seen the movie Scream? 

Needless to say I didn't get anything productive done for the rest of the afternoon as I was too distracted by the hilarity of this situation. Actually, I take that back. I did make the following list which I'll share with you now.


1. Less than 3 months to Halloween.
2. I'm totally going to be one of these women for Halloween.
3. So is Booker.
4. Where do you buy a ski mask these days?
5. I should totally get a ski mask and scare Danny.
6. Or rob a gas station.

After being obsessed with this story for almost 24 hours now, I'm hoping I can let it go and finally move on with my life. It's doubtful but I'm gonna try.

Please tell me you guys also saw this story? Thoughts?!!!!

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  1. I didn't see the segment, but my bf commented on my pale skin yesterday. I just said "I don't buy into the American beauty ideal of tan skin."

    I think it's a bit silly to wear a ski mask to enjoy swimming, but to each their own. I would prefer to not have a safety hazard on my face while having an epic battle against a gatorsharkray.

  2. This is hilarious but my question is and I did not read or see clip is, are they not concerned with the body? I mean the one lady is in a bathing suit "exposed"! Yikes! You never disappoint.


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