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My Day Job

As I mysteriously mentioned here, I recently began working for Houston based jewelry designer, Rebecca Lankford. Of all the jobs I've had in my day, this is one that really tops the charts . (Side note: In high school I worked at a tanning salon with my friend Heather. We once called 911 on a person who we thought was "dead" in the tanning bed. Turns out she was just a heavy sleeper. Needless to say the paramedics were able to resuscitate her quite easily.)

Rebecca's jewelry is very bohemian, very spiritual, very cool. One of my favorite pieces is this necklace. It's from her fall collection that she just finished this week.  

Ooooh la la. I'm not sure what the inspiration was behind this piece but I like to think that it was me.  

Rebecca hired me to oversee the marketing of her line. This includes managing her social media (check out the Rebecca Lankford blog here!), building relationships with her current stores, and getting her jewelry into new stores. Right now I'm really focusing on the Hawaiian market. I feel like Hawaii needs to know about Rebecca's jewelry and I'm committed to making as many business trips as that takes. That's just the type of employee that I am.

From left to right: Me, Rebecca Lankford

And this concludes my post on my job as it's now time to go to work!

Are any of you familiar with Rebecca's jewelry?


  1. The salon on 76th and Rawson (aka Downtown Franklin)?

  2. Nope. Bronze Tan on Highway 100. It was convenient because after work Heda and I could go cruising.


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