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Olympic Outfit Post

I was all about the Olympics and sad they're over. The Olympic sport I liked the most? Gymnastics.The Olympic Sport that I found the most bizarre? Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Your probably can't hear it, but my shirt is chanting, "USA! USA! USA!"

This shirt was an integral part of my official Olympic viewing outfit, which I'm sure will double as my Independence Day outfit come July and my lingerie should I ever seduce Uncle Sam.

Rebecca Lankford bracelets in red, silver, and blue

Speaking of Olympic gymnastics, I thought I'd show you a little sumpin sumpin...


Ah snap!


I know what you're thinking and you're right. I should totally quit my day job. Rio baby, here I come!

(To see where I honed all this mad skill, click here.)

Speaking of the Olympics, did anyone see the womens gymnastics team on Letterman last night? I taped it and will watch tonight. 10:30 is past my bedtime.

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