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Date Night

Danny and I had date night last night. "Date night" is a term couples with kids use when they hire a babysitter and go out alone. But, I'm here to tell you, its also a term that childless couples use when they've failed to grocery shop and have zero food in the house. Date Night y'all!

Our "date night" venue was iconic Houston restaurant, Goode & Company. We commenced our meal by ordering their iconic dish, campachana. 

Campechana is like salsa and guac in one, but with shrimp.

Date was actually supposed to be quite fancy as the plan was to catch a movie after dinner. My pick!! Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones! But after a glass of wine Danny was able to talk me out of it stating "he'd rather have a colonscopy than see that movie." (Rude.)

Me on wine......

Overall date night was a success. I can't wait until the next one......which very well might
be tonight. I'm still not feeling the grocery store. 

Who's seen Hope Springs? Is it good?

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