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Buffalo Exchange

This just in! A new Buffalo Exchange popped up in Houston. And not only that, but this new Buff Exchange is just 2, count it, 2 miles from my house!

I know because I clocked it on my spedometer. Or odometer. What are things called?

I stopped in yesterday for the first time, just to get a lay of the land and introduce myself to all the employees. Clearly we're all going to become the bestest of friends. Though, I may have gotten off on the wrong foot with one guy working there. I made him climb up a ladder to pull a necklace I wanted off a mannequin. He climbed all the way up there (it was so high!) only to decide I didn't really want that necklace after all. He was annoyed and frankly I don't blame him. But I'm not concerned, I know he and I will get past it.

I actually only purchased one thing during yesterday's trip. There was a lot that caught my eye but again this place is only 2 miles from home. I need to pace myself. (Says Danny.)

This is the top I picked up.
Not the most amazing piece in my wardrobe. But for eight bucks, it will definitely get some wear. Plus I've been digging this type of cut lately. It's a similar cut to this shirt which is one of my faves.

So that's all I really have for y'all today. There's a new Buffalo Exchange in Houston. But honestly, what more could you really want?

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  1. This is exciting! No more trying to find parking at the Westheimer one! at least not this weekend.


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