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Recap of Lucky Magazine's Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference

Didn't get a ticket to Lucky Fabb Conference? No worries. I got you.

Here's a recap of what went down.

While being interviewed by Lucky Mag's editor, Brandon Holley, (who I got to meet! eek!),Terry Lundgren gave 3 things to consider when building a successful brand/ blog;

1. Who is your reader/customer? (You can't be all things to all people.)
2. What is unique about the way you're delivering your message?
3. Are you delivering consistent, "on brand" quality/content.

In my humble opinion its Leandra Mendine's blog, The Man Repeller, that put bloggers on the map. It's her work that began the conversation of how and where bloggers fit into today's  journalistic hierarchy.

Google gives every site an authority position between 1 and 100.
Enter your URL here and it to find out your blog's page authority. Also?
Raman was smart and sexy - one of my all time fave combos in a man.

Oh Rach. She's as likeable in person and she is on screen. Motherhood suits her well- she's crazy in love with her son and seeing Rach from just 10 feet away reminded me how crazy in love I am with her. 

 Come back Rodg!

L.C. also confessed that if she had to live with just two, count it, two beauty products she'd choose tinted moisturizer and mascara. You heard it hear first y'all!

Though Anna Sui's story was captivating, I couldn't help falling in love with her interviewer, Simon Doonan. I'm on the verge of having a moment with Simon. I've read everything of his I can find online and I just purchased his book. Simon honey, call me.

Pardon the f-bomb but I "know my readers" and y'all don't care.

In all seriousness, Lucky Fabb was amazing. I left inspired, excited, and humbled by all the incredible opportunities (like this conference) that my blog has afforded me since its inception. I only hope you guys enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoy writing it.

Life is good. I am lucky. (Pun intended.)


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