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Crop, by David Peck

As I mentioned here, I was recently invited to check out Houston Designer, David Peck's, spring collection that he was showing at NY Fashion Week. Though I was extremely excited about this invitation, I was equally nervous. The fashion scene can be an intimidating one, even though I suppose I now work in it as mentioned here & here.

The first person I happened to meet at David's showing was his wife, who couldn't have been any kinder. Same goes for David. I was beyond excited as he walked me through his entire spring collection, describing each and every piece. As he did this, a gorg model put on the respective look for my viewing pleasure, and now yours...

Check out that smize. Well done girlfriend!

And now it's my turn to smize.

Meh. Not great. My shirt, however, appears to be vaguely see-through so there's that. What a skank!

There are tons of intriguing facts about David's career trajectory and success that I could share with you. (He has a degree in cello! His celeb clients include Tay Tay Swift & Giuliana Rancic!) But I think my favorite David Peck tidbit is that he once tried out for American Idol! Though I myself never tried out for Idol, for years I acted as a bookie by running an underground America Idol pool which is basically the same thing as trying out except less legal......

David Peck y'all. Keep your eye out for him. He's going places and I full intend to be that person that claims to have met him "way back in the day" when he gets there.

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