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House Hunters Houston

This just in. Danny and I are moving. The Medical Center has been a great place to live for our first (almost 2!) years in Texas but we're on to the next thing. Our house hunt got serious over the weekend when we toured a bunch of homes in the Houston neighborhood we've decided upon.

Mine are from a random store in NYC but Lulu's has them here in black

Danny and I's "must-haves" for a house are somewhat different. I want a pool, a closet like my mom's, an open floor plan, and a live-in maid. Danny wants a "privacy fence" (wtf is that?), a gas oven, two stoves, and a nice utility room. Clearly we're both going to be sadly dissappointed.

Here are some of the contenders that we're considering.

I'll keep you guys updated!

P.S. Landlords, if you're reading this, yes - I agree it's unfortunate that you've learned we're moving via my blog and not a personal phone call/email. It's Danny's fault. I assume you hate this post as well.

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