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Prepping for the Houston Blogger Symposium

As perhaps you all know by now, the last few months of my life have been somewhat consumed by planning for the Houston Blogger Symposium, a blogger conference that I've conceptualized, planned, and will be executing this weekend!

We've been especially busy this last week with last minute detes. For example, here Danny is assembling each and every attendee name tag - all 90 of them!

Stop posing and get back to work damnit.

Next is an example of the symposium lists & business papers that have consumed my desk and house in general. *Note how very official and professional looking they are. I'm a very official and professional person, that's why.

Last night marked one of the most exciting prepping activities - assembling the swag bags! Symposium sponsors such as Bath Junkie, United Scents, Francesca's, Jennie Claire Jewelry, (and many more - check them out here) have gifts for all the attendees!
Booker helped.

 Holy Swag Bags. If you follow me on twitter & instagram, (I'm "GreetingsfromTX" on both) you saw a similar pic to this last night.

Danny and I found the best way to assemble the swag bags was to supplement the process with beer and Friends. Friends. In 8th grade I wrote a term paper about it. I got an A.
P.P.S.  This is my 2nd reference to Friends on a blog this week. Check out this Rebecca Lankford post here.

Though you need a ticket to attend the sold out symposium, tomorrow night's kick off party is open to everyone!! (See below!) No need to be a blogger or anything! As long as your a nice, normal person that doesn't have knives in your pockets or anything else creepy, you're invited! Come say hi to me y'all! 

For more information on this party and the Houston Blogger Symposium in general, click here!

Also, if you're interested in attending the symposium next year, make sure you follow
it on twitter  & FB so you can stay abreast of its happenings.

 See you soon! =)

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