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Fake Chanel Outfit Post

Look at this Chanel sweatshirt I found while shopping (at Trudy's!) this weekend! It's amazing, no? Of course it's not real Chanel - but for $32 who cares?


I paired it with a "Chanel inspired" cross body bag, which is a fancy way of saying I wore it with another fake Chanel item.  I know that Coco Chanel would likely be offended by this outfit and that saddens me. But then I imagine millions of cheap people across America cheering for this look and that lessens the blow.        

*note, none of the stuff I'm wearing is current enough that it's still on sale, so I'm linking to comparable options that I LOVE! The photography is all  Paige Budde, who else?  

Leather Shorts|   Top Shop Leather Shorts   Purse|Red Saddle Bag by Michael Kors Watch|Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch    Collared Shirt|Club Monaco Casual Shirt  Earrings| Dogeared Gold Heart Earrings     Black Heels|Madewell Frankie Pump  White Sweatshirt that'd also work w/ this look |Wildfox 'Polo Pony' Sweatshirt


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  1. So cute!! The bag is my favorite part.
    Hahahaha "Whose baby is that?!" look at her little tosies!!!


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